1. Users simply turn on texi app by selecting the On/Off toggle before starting their vehicle and set their phones aside. The app must run in the forefront of the user’s device in order to collect points (app cannot be minimized).

2. texi is designed to dim the screen while it is activated to conserve battery life. As is the case with any smartphone, it is also recommended that users connect their device to a power source when they get into their vehicle and before they turn on the app.

3. Once users have reached their destination, they must select the On/Off toggle to turn the app off. The Usage Summary will display the total points accumulated for that driving session.

4. For each minute (which does not have to be a continuous minute) during a driving session that users drive over 7.5 km/hour without engaging with their device, one (1) point is awarded.

5. However, if users exit the app and interact with their device at any time during a driving session while texi is activated, the driving session will automatically end and users will forfeit any points they may have otherwise earned.

6. On the first day of every month, users’ points are reset to zero to begin a brand new contest period.

7. Extra points can be earned during each contest period by:
a. Sharing texi by email for a maximum of 25 points per day.
b. Sharing texi on Twitter for a maximum of 25 points per day.
c. Rating texi app once per version for a maximum limit of 25 points per day.



1. Depending on how many points users have accumulated by the end of the month, they will be entered into one of four prizing categories for a chance to win a great prize.

2. There are four (4) Entry Level prizes, three (3) Bronze Level prizes, two (2) Silver Level prizes, and one (1) Gold Level prize given away each month.

3. Users are entered into a random draw at the end of the month.

4. Users are notified by the manner in which the potential prize winner entered the contest when first registering for texi app.


For detailed contest rules, please see Contest Rules.